Back Taxes Owed

Do you need help with your back taxes? If so, you've come to the right place. At Nelson Tax Accounting, we have helped countless people get their back tax problems straightened away. Whatever the issue is, we can help resolve your back taxes! Depending on the circumstances, we may even be able to get the IRS to remove the penalties, or even a portion or all of the tax debt completely.

Perhaps you already filed your tax returns but you didn't have the money to pay the amount. You might think, "Oh well---I can just catch up next year." Before you know it you find yourself behind for several years and whe you open up the mail you get that not so friendly notice from the IRS, stating that you owe two or three times the original amount.

It's truly amazing how fast that the tax penalties and interest that they charge you can add up. It's somewhat like credit card debt. You think you can manage the situation, but then you sit down and analyze where you are really at and you feel overwhelmed. You feel as though you are now faced with a choice, you can write a big check and pay the full amount, including interest and penalties by taking out an early distribution from your retirement plan. Or you can just keep ignoring them while the penalties and interest keep piling up. If you take an early distribution from your retirement plan you could be just compiling the problem. With tax and penalties you could be paying 50% or more to the government on that distribution. But if you ignore the letters the IRS might send a letter to your employer and force them to garnish your paycheck.

Fortunately their is a third option, let us help! Their are several options when it comes to resolving unpaid or back taxes. Give us a call at (414) 481-6812 or complete the form below to get a Free Consultation with our tax specialist.

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